King Bed and a view

An amazing room with a view down the airstrip. The sun rises across the sky so its not in your eyes but awakes you with a dreamy glow. You might not know you are awake. 

Pillow top Queen bed with pillows to spare. Dreamy linens and sheets will keep you in bed until you smell bacon. 

Decorated in a rodeo theme with beautiful original artwork. You will be delighted with the Walnut tables, a super comfy sofa and accent chair and fabulous lighting.

Luxury pack includes robes, extra towels, in room coffee and hand made toffee.

Get up early  an watch the fog lift  and a great cup of coffee delivered right to your door. 


Room for 2

  • 600.00 per night
  • Sleeps 2
  • Breakfast and Dinner included
  • Sofa and sitting area


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P.O.Box 56, Agness, OR 97406, United States  
P: (541) 300-9112  
E: halfmoonlodgereserve@gmail.com